Ukraine is the land of unlimited opportunities and one of the hottest investment destinations in Europe.

Top Investment Destination

Ukraine is the number one investment destination in eastern Europe among the Eastern Partnership countries.

Agricultural Capital of Europe

Ukraine is the world's largest exporter of grains, sunflower oil and an agricultural powerhouse in the heart of Europe.

Tech Engine of Europe

Ukraine is European leader in tech outsourcing with over 185,000 tech specialists, 110 R&D centres and $3.6 billion in exports.

Strong Trading Partnerships

Ukraine became European Union's key trading partner with direct land, sea and air access to 27 EU countries after signing the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA). It is also part of Eastern Partnership and joining the EU Digital Single Market.

Ukraine also benefits from strong Free Trade Agreements with Canada, Israel, Turkey and numerous countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and the Americas.

Huge Domestic Consumer Market

Ukraine offers one of the largest consumer markets in eastern Europe with a GDP of $150 billion and a population of 42 million people.

Ukraine is the largest country in Easter Partnership and the EU's largest Member State.

Great Location For Trade & Tourism

Ukraine has one of the strategically most important locations in the world. With China's belt and road initiative to connect with Europe and Europe's own silk road initiative to connect with Central and South Asia, Ukraine naturally becomes the land bridge for Eurasia connectivity. Similarly Ukraine's 18 merchant seaports are strategically positioned for global trade and its strong aviation heritage with 20 airports means cargo planes can reach European, Asian and African commercial hubs within a couple of hours.

Whether it is the modern mysteries of Chernobyl, the wild beauty of majestic Carpathian mountains, diversity of Odessa, the allure of Kyiv or the rich historical heritage of Lviv, Ukraine is the hottest travel destination of the world for millennials.

Low Business Cost

Ukraine's major business and commercial hubs are regularly ranked as some of the cheapest locations for businesses to operate in Europe. It is ranked at 64 for ease of doing business and has one of the lowest cost of living. Salaries in Ukraine are one eighth of Poland and among the lowest in the continent. Income tax and corporate tax is also one of the lowest in the region.

Highly Educated & Skilled Workforce

Ukraine has one of the highest literacy rates in the world as well as in Europe at 99.4%. It is European leader with over 130,000 engineering, 33,500 science and 16,000 tech graduates each year. With such educated workforce, Ukraine can be called the brain of Europe.

Pro Business Government Policies

Since signing the association agreement with the EU, Ukraine has pursued a reform agenda to deregulate and it is continuously enacting laws to create an innovation, business and investment friendly environment.